The Philosophy of Life – 1

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks he becomes.”

                                                                                            – Mahatma Gandhi

Two ways
Which way to go?

Each person has a philosophy of life based on which he/she makes major decisions and invest his/her resources including time of life.  A person may have a philosophy like ‘money makes me happy,’ or ‘sense-pleasures are the goal of life,’ or ‘academic achievements are glories of life,’ or ‘power makes a person happy,’ or ‘doing nothing is the best thing to do,’ or ‘going to heaven is the goal of life,’ or ‘gaining respect at job or in society is the highest thing to achieve in life,’ or something else.

Many times people are not aware of their philosophy of life.  If they introspect about the reasons why they make decisions in certain ways or react to the situations in certain ways, then they find this basic philosophy of their life.  People develop such philosophy from their family , friends, society, religion, environment, or their inherited nature based on their physical and mental chemistry.  As a person gains experience in life, one may modify or change one’s philosophy.  Some stubborn people do not change their philosophy of life even though it harms them and others and brings so much suffering.

I think the life-philosophy should be able to do the following:

1.  It withstands all challenges and situations of life

2.  As we go through various situations in life, the philosophy should make us stronger and wiser. It also gives us happiness and fulfillment. 

3.  It gives a meaning to our life and the universe.  This meaning is uplifting and not degrading.

4.  It unites everything and not divides.  It should unite our various facets of life and should unite us with all people irrespective of their color, culture, country, religion, social and economic status or any other differences.

5.  It helps us performing our day-to-day life’s responsibilities and gives us fulfillment.

6.  It makes us fearless; makes us free from all kinds of fear including the fear of death.

7.  It does not contradict with reason and science; it may surpass reason and science.

8.  It is applicable to all human beings and not just selected few.

9.  It enhances varieties of people’s mental chemistry like tastes, talents, interests, abilities, etc.  it does not make people like clones – only of one kind.

10.  It helps us develop unselfish love for all and encourages us to serve all.

10 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Life – 1

  1. Thanks ,uncle for this post. Since last few days I am reflecting over the thought of , Kaurav and Pandav within me. Sometimes I feel like , I fight the Yudhha of Kurukshetra within me every moment,and in that kurukshtera , I myself is Kaurav and I myself is Pandav !!! Then how Krishna will help me?
    Reading your blog helps to arrange thoughts in a perspective.
    Your blog really came to my rescue !!! Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks, Uncle for sharing your thoughts. I feel another benefit of having a philosophy is that help with one’s identity defined-and that will help in making decisions based on the philosophy,

  3. Thanks Uncle for your thoughts on what our philosophy in life should seek to achieve. It is a sure way to long term happiness – but not easy.

  4. I love all the posts. It is very important to have a philosophy that guides us in living a meaningful life. Everyone faces an existential choice from time to time. Having a proper philosophy guides us making the right choice. As Gita teaches us that our actions should be guided by proper knowledge with a transcendental view.

  5. Thank you Uncle for this wonderful post about how the ideal philosophy of life should be like. Our class and everyone else is truly blessed to learn from a great teacher like you. It is indeed very hard to find the perfect philosophy like that, but it can be reached, eventually through spiritual development.

  6. Excellent start to what is further to come.
    The philosophy of life is dictated on knowing who we are at the deepest level.
    In absence of this knowlege we will define ourselves by that which we have or do and both these constantly change.
    Thus Swamiji constantly emphasised “Know and Realize who you are”.
    In it lies unity, peace, love and understanding-the essence of life and living

  7. I like that, in this post, an attempt is made to turn religion into something practical- something that enables one to uphold strong moral values while at the same time serving an appreciable purpose. To me, the most significant is the first. In life, we often change our views in response to different situations. But the strongest philosophy remains steadfast. Such a philosophy is a fortress that withstands any situation.

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