Happy Navaratri, Durgashtami, and Dushera

Happy Navaratri to people who are celebrating during October 5-13, Durgashtami on October 12th and Dushera on October 14th.

Worshiping God as Mother’ is a wonderful way to think of God and express our love.  Most of us have enjoyed love of our mothers.

Mother Durga-2

I asked students (KG-12th graders), “I know why you do not like your mothers.  It is because she wakes you up early to go to school, she asks you to keep your room clean, scolds you when you do not behave well, makes sure you study and do not fool around, etc.  But, let me ask you, why do you love your mother?”  The answers were, “Because she loves us, she takes care of us, she gives us food, she gave us births, and many more reasons.”  Now, imagine about a mother who loves all children equally as her own children, young and old, irrespective of their color, creed, culture, religion, power, position, wealth, virtues, or any external thing.  Think of this mother, who gave birth to all beings and everything that exists in the universe, and mother who provides us food and all necessities for our growth.  This is the Universal Mother who is being worshiped for nine days and nights.


Sri Ramakrishna says that this Universal Mother is the active aspect of God.  When the Divine Power is inactive, we call It Brahman or Shiva.  When It creates, nourish and dissolves the universe, then we call It as Mother Kali or Durga, or Shakti.  Brahman and Shakti are identical.  Fire is in wood as unmanifested, but when it burns and cooks our food then it is the manifested fire.  Thus, Brahman or God in inactive state is Infinite, and Unmanifested, but in an active state It manifests as Universal Mother, the power of Brahman.

The Universal Mother has a key to open the door of Brahman.  Only by her grace we can realize Brahman or God.  We cannot negate Her existence.  We cannot fight with Her power.  If we live a proper life, she showers her blessings and if we live improper life, then she punishes.  Mighty Mahishasur ignored Her power and he was punished.

Let us feel the love of the Universal Mother as we feel love of our own mother.  Let us sing Her glories and ask Her blessing to realize our true identity which is Atman.

 Happy Dushera:  Fireworks is fun.  But, we have to destroy Ravana (ignorance and impurities of our mind)  who had kidnapped our intellect by misguiding us.  This intellect as Sitaji, should be with Atman, Rama.  Once our intellect is focused on Atman and we realize Atman, then, we will have real peace of mind, satisfaction, fearlessness, and fulfillment of life.

2 thoughts on “Happy Navaratri, Durgashtami, and Dushera

  1. Namaste Uncle, Happy Navaratri! Thank you for giving us this food for thought during such an auspicious time. It is inspiring and uplifting.

  2. Namaste Uncle, Thank you for sharing such divine thoughts about mothers and there importance in the world. I really enjoyed reading this post! — Khushbu

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